Friday, March 21, 2008
I read a photography article the other day about taking pictures of real life. It really hit home to me because I am so bad at taking candid/real life pictures. I had become so focused on getting technically perfect pictures that there were times that I wouldn't even bother picking up my camera or taking it with me when I knew there wasn't going to be good lighting or a good backgroung, etc. I have gotten to a point with my kids that the only pictures I take of them is when it is photo shoot time. I think it is so important for them to have candids to look back on and have a memory of the fun and happy life they are living! I've been meaning to work on this for a while now and I'm ready to really focus on it, capturing candids and the details of real life! Also I was very inspired when I saw a totally cute example of a blurb book on Holly's blog not to mention her amazing pictures! Anyways it is my goal to start blogging more of our stories (and candid pictures!) so I can make a book out of it. Since my scrapbooking is just a little behind... I'll give this a whirl! So if anybody is interested in how we are doing and what we are up to, here we are! It's just us!! :)


Letia said...

Yea! I am happy to see a post of your cute kids!! I decided I wanted to do a blog book too after seeing Holly's. I saw your comment on my blog and said I would love to get together! It would be fun to come see your house, I am sure it is decorated so cute!

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