Wednesday, March 26, 2008


...the story of my life! But in actuality you would normally find this in a heaping pile beside my bed waiting for me to fold! But today since I am actually folding clothes it is placed nicely in a basket. I feel like, no, I AM ALWAYS doing laundry...especially since I've had another baby! And since me and folding clothes don't mix you can usually find a pile somewhere in my house! I had two little helpers today and I definitly think in a few years the training will be done and I'll be able to pass the buck... yahoo!

She's smiling now but just wait there missy! hehe

I think a few years will come fast than I think...look at the fold job! What a pro!

And I actually got most of it finished thanks to my helpers! Well... mostly because baby T actually took quite the nap today! He's been on a catnap schedule which is just not very helpful for me and the fact that I don't usually get much done. But today he was a good boy and napped for about a 2 hour stretch! Yah!


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