Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sweet Little Guy

This little guy can sure be pretty darn sweet...when we wants to be! He has been our colic baby. By the time daddy gets home from work, I am definitely ready for a little break. But unfortunately the evening is when he is the fussiest! He has his good days too though. And at least he is doing great in the night...he hit his record the other night with 7 1/2 hours! I'm liking that! Ben is hoping that Mr. Fuss here (or brother fuss as Michelle would say!)...will do me in for having any more kids. But through it all I'm still holding out for one more! I still just can't get enough of him, I sure love this little guy!!


Letia said...

Tammy, what sweet pictures!! I want to email you about the biggest loser thing and to tell you something else kinda fun, but I don't have your email, can you email me.

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