Friday, May 2, 2008

Birthday Party!

Here's little miss E's Tea Party pictures...finally! We invited some friends and cousins to come dressed up and ready for tea and primping. We played musical chairs (to Enchanted music of course!), painted fingernails...while the boys made frog hats, played cup-cup-teapot (duck-duck-goose), and played Kiss the Frog (like pin the tail on the donkey...they had to put their paper lips on the frogs lips!) Then we ate flower shaped peanut butter sandwhiches, fruit, pink lemonade, and cupcakes for dessert! Then she was spoiled with some super fun gifts!

Of course I had her all dressed up in her fluffly pink tutu and pink crown and she decided to change as her friends were showing up!

Blowing out the candles!!

Enjoying her cupcake!

And she's done...

E's sweet cousin, loves to have her picture taken! Isn't she adorable?! And loading up on some fun stuff...'s over...time for mommy to rest!! :)


Letia said...

Sounds like a fun party! I have to laugh that she changed right before the party, that is something my kids would do, it's hard not to be disappointed as a mom because it doesn't match the vision we set up! It's like the expensive costume I bought one year and then J refused to wear! Anyway, cute stuff!!

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