Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Okay, so I'm behind a little bit! But with recent incidents I got behind in a lot of things! So, the 4th of July...the Glover's and us decided to take off a day of rummaging thru the rubble, to come spend the 4th out in Middleton! They spent the night with us (the beginning of their week stay with us) on the 3rd. In the morning we fixed them a nice breakfast, got ready and headed out to the Middleton Parade! It was pretty fun...floats, horses, cars, fire engines, and a big water fight after. The Drollinger family also joined in the fun with us. All set up ready to watch... Best friends... Nothing better than free hot dogs and drinks for lunch...
The kids had so much fun! And loved grabbing all the candy! Later that night we came back to our house for our own firework show, put on by Daddy and Papa!
Getting a little loud for Miss E! :) And to prove that I really was there...


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