Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More fire pictures

These pictures are from day 3 of the fire. After 2 days of being down at the house we noticed so many driving by to see the house. We know that people are just curious and want to see it, but it was getting a little old, so we decided to have some fun with it!! And after a disaster you kind of go through stages and today was definitely "every thing's funny"day! So for all the drive by's here's what they were treated with... No, this wasn't THE propane tank, as they took that one for investigation, but still funny anyhow! :) Then after quite a bit of laughter and having fun with the situation we came inside to find Ken on his hands and knees going through the rubble. Looking for Karen's purse...but unfortunately only found a hand full of coins...but he was pretty excited about that little discovery! :)
Going through the kitchen... And checking out the family room...And one of Kelsey's discoveries...
*Glover Update: They are doing so well! They really have grasped the whole concept of things are just things and are just grateful that they all still have each other! They are set up in their temp housing which they refer to as "Tempy" and are beginning the process of clean up, tear down, and rebuild. They are definitely getting excited for the rebuild process and the chance to change some things on their floor plan that they've always wanted. They have received so much help from everyone, even total strangers and have been so grateful!


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