Thursday, July 24, 2008

swim lessons

We had swimming lessons these last two weeks and it was so nice because we got to walk to the pool! Our neighbors down the street built a pool and their daughter and her friend (which turned out to be Cameron's best friend) taught them. I tried to gear up the kids and bought them goggles and practiced in our baby pool. Last year D would not even put his face in the pool yet. But he did so awesome this year. He got comfortable with going under pretty fast and soon became a little fish swimming all over the place. He loved it! It was so fun to watch him!
E on the other hand wasn't quite as excited! She had fun playing on the stairs with all the toys but when it came to bobs she was NOT happy! But every once in a while they would talk her into doing one! By the last day of lessons she had had enough! But she had a good start!


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