Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Bus

D was pretty excited to start Kindergarten, but to ride the bus...he was way beyond excited! So day two I let him ride the bus. ALL morning he kept asking if it was time to catch the bus...he has afternoon kindergarten, so yes, ALL morning! He got all ready with his backpack on about 30 min before it was time and was begging to go out and wait. I held him off for 15 more minuets, then we went and sat outside...
saying goodbye to brother... waiting too long and getting bored and impatient!Here it comes!!! And there he goes, finally on the bus!


Letia said...

What is it about the bus? That's the only reason J even wanted to go to school. Sadly (for him) he won't have that experience-at least til middle school.

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