Saturday, September 20, 2008


E was sooo excited for dance class! And honestly so was I! :) My little girl in her first dance class. I had dreamed about the moment for a long time!! We got all ready and did her hair up, like a princess. She was just eating it all up! And my favorite part was when we went to the front porch (which I now wish I had choose a cuter location!), anywho... when I started taking pictures she began twirling, and I didn't even tell her to. She just kept going like a pretty little ballerina! And she just LOVES dance class. Because of the set up of the building the moms just get to watch a TV screen that shows the girls dancing. She has so much fun and it is soooo fun to watch her! I love you to pieces E!


Letia said...

I bet you were as excited as she was. How fun! I love that she wanted to twirl around for you, lots of fun picture opportunities.

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