Monday, September 15, 2008

Family Reunion

The Smith family reunion was held in McCall on Aug. 16th, so we decided to spend the weekend up there. We rented Tim's cabin, which was oh so nice! We went up Friday and came back on Monday. We had a blast. Saturday we spent the day at the Smith reunion which was at Tina's cabin on the lake. Which was ever oh so nice!! Eating, boating, swimming, riding jet ski's, and listening to a little presentation for the Glover's. They all pitched in and contributed to their lost library. That was so awesome. Then the girls in return sang a little song for them. The rest of the weekend we spent walking around McCall, playing games (BS - does the game ever end! and Mafia - so fun!), reading Twilight, eating at the Pancake House...finally, and just having fun! You would think that I would be better at taking pictures by now, but oh, well here's what I got...


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