Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kindergarten Road Rally

Every year D's school has a road rally for all the Kindergartners. They each make a cardboard vehicle and bring it to school. All week prior they learned all about road safety. Then the school sets up the halls with roads, traffic lights, and signs. Then they go on parade and follow all the traffic laws. The whole school sits in the halls and watches along with all the Kindergartner's parents. It was pretty cute. And boy, there were some creative cars! But D loved his Dino Racer! P.S. Ben has been bugging me about my new posting ways through photobucket. I guess he can't view them at work so he has guilted me into posting small pictures again. I guess I can so he can see his cute kiddos at work! Love ya Babe!!


longnecker said...

Fun! that is really a great idea, I don't remember doing fun things like that in Kindergarten do you? Trey is going to be jealous of that racer!


Marilyn said...

Wow!! What a cute car!! Looks like fun for the kids. Great idea!! Love ya

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