Tuesday, November 4, 2008


D's first year of basketball and his first game was on Saturday. He loves it and has so much fun! It is so funny to watch a bunch of Kindergartners running around playing. They don't dribble half the time and a lot of times run for the wrong basket! So funny. The coach was out of town so Ben got to coach them this game. That was fun to watch him out there with all the kids. For this age the coach is actually on the court with them helping them out. D loved that! I didn't get that many pictures because of T man and I think I need a sports photography lesson! Letia, is another one coming up?? But here's my little pro....
P.S. Can you believe it...I'm actually all caught up!!! This was quite the posting day for me and I even had time to VOTE...now better straighten the house a little bit! HA! Until next time...hopefully soon!:)


Letia said...

What lens are you using? I don't have the 50mm or 85mm and am thinking I might have to buy one just to get pics of basketball! The lighting is so bad in the gym! I think your pics turned out good, hopefully I will get some good ones though it might take me the whole season.

longnecker said...

He looks so big - it's funny because I remember being dragged every Saturday to Ben's Y-ball games. On to the next generation I guess.

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