Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Look what I made!

Aren't these cute!?! I joined a hair bow exchange with Amber. There were 12 girls and we each made 12 pairs (yes, 24 bows each!) Then we met, had brunch, and exchanged bows. It was so much fun. And E came home with so many fun bows. I highly recommend this to anyone who knows how to work a glue gun, because they can be so easy! And now E never goes without a bow or clip! :) I should have snapped a picture of all the fun ones I got, but...I didn't. Just had to show off what I made! :)


longnecker said...

That will be on the project list next time I come home, although after seeing T's pictures I am kind of hoping for a bald baby this time around.

Letia said...

Hey, I just learned how to make these on Saturday and am going a little crazy, it is so much fun. What did you use for your flowers? And I never thought to do the bow thing, I think I can figure out how you did that from the photo.

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