Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trick or Treat!

All ready to go hit the town! T... ready for bed! :) I took the kids out while Ben stayed and handed out candy. It was pretty funny because D was excited to go to his friends houses and couldn't quite grasp that every house had candy. We got about half way around our little circle neighborhood when the kids were done and ready to go home. And E was done walking so I had to carry her home, while pushing T in the stroller. Which he fell fast asleep the second he got in it! But they loved it! D kept trying to run off with his friend he met up with but I kept calling him back to wait for his little sister. Darn those little sisters! :) We came back and headed over to Amber's house for soup, salad, and bread sticks...from Olive Garden, it was yummy! But in our rush to get over there I didn't get to snap the traditional picture of the kids sitting in front of their piles of candy. But that's just what they did when they got home. Dumped it out to see what they got. Such fun times! I still need to have their Halloween photo shoot...one of these days!


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