Monday, November 24, 2008

Wasn't it the BEST!

Okay, did you see the movie? Loved it. And yes, I may be a loser, but I've see it twice! I went Friday night with some friends (sporting my Twilight t-shirt and all) and I talked Ben into going with me again on Saturday night. It is seriously a movie I could watch over and over! I know some people weren't that impressed, but if you go in knowing it's not going to be just like the book (because of course the book is better, but what book made into a movie isn't?) but it is so good! Sure I wasn't that excited about their pick for Edward at first, but the more I watched the previews the more I liked him and by the time I watched the movie, I thought he was down right cute, adorable, hot...take your pick. Of course he's no Ben! :) And did you hear, they are starting the making of New Moon!! Yea!! I'm so excited they are continuing it. It makes me so happy. Yes, I'm obsessed, but can you blame me!?!


longnecker said...

Tam -
We loved it! I really didn't think I was going to, but why am I in love with Edward? I really didn't expect that - can't wait to make Lars go....

Marilyn said...

Ok I have seen it 3 times. The more I watched it the more I really like Alice. She is my favorite Cullen besides Edward of course :)

longnecker said...

So you say you are back online but no new posts... I have tried to get a hold of you - I got your gift and once again you rock at gift giving. I LOVED the pictures, Lars thought they came with the frames! Also, this whole last weekend I had been trying to find flowers to put on JK's head. I had no luck and then there they were - I'll blog some pictures I took. Oh and don't think that she has left the house without her silver ballet flats since I got them. Love you.

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