Saturday, January 24, 2009

Birthday Bash

We had so much fun at T's birthday! And I had tons of fun getting ready for it! Being one, T really didn't have a clue what was going on, but D and E were so excited for the party! We invited all of our families, had appetizers, played a couple of games, and watched T with his first cake. I actually have a large family so we were a little worried about fitting everyone into our home, but luckily a lot of people couldn't make it. We were sad that everyone couldn't be there, but it made for a nice quite little party. Beware....picture overload!
Yes, I attempted the cake. Not as smooth as it could be, but it's so much more fun to make the cake rather than buy one!
We played the game "stuff the cupcake in T's mouth"! And he himself trying to get in on the action. Since not as many kids showed up that I thought, we made the teenagers play too! :)
And I just had to copy Holly on this idea, such a cute idea and fun little game! Everybody put in their guess of how long it would take T to get from clean to mess!
A little confused why everybody is singing!
And of course I had to make T his own little cake! So the timer begins....
Not quite sure what to do with this thing!
He started off very confused, to.. maybe I will try, to.. get me outta here, to.. daddy helping, to.. finally a spoon - I'm diggin in! We finally stopped the clock at 4.5 min. D's little friend won by guessing 3. Not quite the 30 sec. or under like most people guessed! We had such a blast! It's so fun watching him and seeing what he will do. I love this little guy! Happy Birthday Buddy!!


Letia said...

You did a fabulous job on that cake. I also love how you strung the pictures of T, cute idea!

longnecker said...

I wish we were there! He looks so cute and the cake is awesome!

Marilyn said...

Darling pictures!!! It was alot of fun being a part of his birthday. Loved the cake!! And of course everything else. You really know how to plan for a party!!
Love ya

Shelby said...

Wow, I swear you are a woman of many talents!! How cute are those games, pictures, decorations and the cake is awesome!! Loved it. Thanks for sharing!

Amora said...

So cute!!!! I can't wait to come home again!!! I miss you all....

How fun. And that cake is wonderful. You are so dang talented!

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