Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we went over to my parents house to have our Christmas festivities... dinner, white elephant exchange, and a little program. I talked my kids into singing Jingle Bells as our family contribution to the program. It was pretty cute. When we were done and heading back home all three kids fell asleep in the car, which later we realized we should have left them asleep, but we still had to open our Christmas Eve gift. So we woke them up...
D woke up all ready to go
And we very excited about his pj's
T, not so into it, just wanting to go back to bed
And E for the life of us would not wake up!
Finally something did the trick, but not so excited about the pj's
Oh, well you win some you lose some! Then as we realize this idea back fired, D, Mr. Wide Awake would not and could not go back to sleep. We tried to tell him that Santa would not come until he was asleep and if he didn't get to bed then he might have to skip our house. But I think this made him even more antsy. The boy finally fell asleep around 1am. Santa had a late night at our house!


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