Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Morning

After a late night, we did get to sleep in till about 7:30 when D woke up. We were only able to hold him off for a few minuets before he was begging to wake up E and T. By the time everybody was up and the camera's rolling, they came into the family room very happy kiddos! Santa did well. E got her princess vanity table and D got his Wii (which Ben pretty much told him to ask Santa for!) But it came with a special note from Santa saying it was a family gift. So Santa left him a little something extra as well, his Baukugan's. All in all Christmas we great, very relaxing morning. We had a nice breakfast after our Santa gifts and finished opening the rest of the gifts. Ben's family came over that afternoon and we played a new game "Would You Rather" which was very fun and watched a movie. The kids were happy all day playing with their new toys.
Still a little early for the T man!


longnecker said...

I have got to stop saying that I want to eat Trip - he is going to be scared of me, but oh my goodness he is so cute!

By the way what are those things Davis is holding?

Just seeing Ella makes me excited for JK to get big and play dress up with her!

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