Thursday, January 8, 2009

Holiday Greetings

Getting these pictures was pretty funny, basically I set the tripod up took a picture of Ben and the kids then he took a picture of me and the kids then I did a little photoshopping. It sure made the picture taking a ton easier! Template came from Simplicity Photography Designs. The back reads... This year has been full of excitement! We started off the year by being blessed with the newest addition to our family, Tripp (11mo.). Davis (6) starting Kindergarten, Ella (3) starting pre-school. Enjoying the last year in this house (we’ll be moving at the end of the month). And the excitement of finding out that baby #4 will be joining us in May! We hope you all had a wonderful year as well, and we wish you a very Merry Christmas! Love the Hawkins.


longnecker said...

Tammy I loved this card - I think if I can get my thank you cards out from my showers (embarrassing that I haven't yet) I want to do Valentines cards - what do you think?

You of course will be designing them...

HOLY COW TAMMY!!!! You don't even look pregnant. I could just kick you! Adorable cards too!

Kirby said...

Okay seriously could your little family be any cuter?! I am so glad I found your blog so I can stay up to date with you guys. Tripp is so dang cute, and I am so excited for you guys and baby number 4..crazy!!

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