Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just for fun...

Some pictures from T's first year. He has been such a fun baby! I can't believe he's already one (oh wait, yes I can because I'm pregnant!!) Despite the colic in the beginning he has been such a great baby. I just love this little man. He's such a daddy's boy right now and totally lights up when daddy comes home. He crawls as fast as he can to him with a great big grin on his face. And watch out if daddy leaves the room! His other favorites right now are his blanket, he buries his face in it and just cuddles with it. The moment he gets it he grabs the ties and sticks his two middle fingers in his mouth...I need a picture of this since it is the same two fingers I sucked when I was little! Another favorite is, he LOVES to climb the stairs (and anything else he can climb on). If the gate is down he b-lines it to the stairs and climbs as fast as he can before anybody can get him. If he had his way he would climb all the way upstairs and then to the bathroom up the kids step stool or climb up D's chair and onto his bed! We have so much fun with him! We love our little bubas!


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