Thursday, January 8, 2009

Look who's riding in a Limo...

D's school had a fundraiser selling cookie dough and cheesecakes and with the large support he got (thank you everyone!) he was in the top two sellers of the Kindergarten class and won a limo ride to Artic Circle. He was so excited! We didn't even realize he won until a ward member said they saw his name as a winner in the newspaper. It was pretty funny. Let's just say he was one happy boy! So as the day came closer he started getting a little nervous and wanted me to follow the limo and join them for lunch, so we did. These were the winners of K-2 grades that rode together and check out the limo driver! It was too funny when he came walking into the school and was introduced to the kids. Let's just say they all became a little nervous! hehe But he had a blast! And loved the fact that he got to ride in a limo before his daddy!


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