Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A sunBEAM, a sunBEAM

My little Sunbeam! All week we were singing "Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam" getting excited for E to go into Primary. With the move and all we didn't quite make it to church the first week, so this last Sunday was her big day to enter into Primary. A new ward and a new class. Since we are back in the same ward I grew up in, it was fun to see a lot of familiar faces and a lot of new ones. And it was fun to think about my kids going to primary in the same room that I did. We had past our church building on our way to D's school one morning and I pointed it out to him that that was our church. I asked what he thought and he said, "It looks pretty holy, well not actual holes in it Mom, but you know, holy." The building is white...thus I guess it looks holy! :) But we had a great first Sunday! Oh, by the way, E decided to put a valentine "I Love You" stamp on her nose after church and before I had the chance to take her picture! Such a sweet little Sunbeam, gotta love her!


longnecker said...

Just think her and Toby could be sunbeams together - they would love that.

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