Thursday, January 29, 2009

Turning 30...

For all the gripe about turning 30 it really wasn't so bad, in fact I had an awesome birthday! Earlier in the month Ben asked if I wanted him to throw me a surprise party :) (he's not so good at the whole surprise thing!) I told him NO! I threw him a big surprise party for his 30th so he was making sure I wasn't expecting it. I told him all I wanted to do was, us all to go down to Salt Lake and get away for a little while, and then maybe just a little trip to Tai Pan! :) But money was a little tight this month so we opted not to go. But my day yesterday was the the best! The day started out with Ben letting me sleep in a little while he got D ready for school (Ben took the day off - yea!) They came and woke up E and I, and I was treated with waffles, bacon, and o.j. - yummy! After which I was showered with gifts... a new coat, shirt, and tennis shoes. Then he surprised me with a small little envelope, I was thinking it was probably a gift card and I was Tai Pan and an airline confirmation to Salt Lake next weekend! I was so excited! It will be nice to get away for a little while and spend time with my sister. My hubby's the BEST! After we cleaned up Ben took me to the spa where I redeemed my gift certificate from last year ;) from my sisters, which Ben added a little too and I got a facial and pedicure! Again, He's the best! While I was enjoying my spa relaxation he went and picked up D and cleaned up the car, inside and out...which was very much needed! Need I say more...he's the best! They picked me up and we headed to lunch at Costa Vida (although I'm so excited for Salt Lake...Cafe Rio here I come!) And we joined up with Karen and Natalie. Then we headed to the mall for some birthday shopping, or rather birthday exchanging ;)! I loved the gifts babe, they just needed a little tweaking! hehe. But remember, you're the BEST! After that we came home, relaxed and got ready for dinner. We went to PFChangs with all my family and his. It was so much fun! I was showered with gifts from my family and when we came home, I was showered with gifts from Ben's family, of which included my new bedding I've been wanting! Yea! I love it!! So yes, it was definitely the best birthday! And I owe it all to Ben. So I have been inspired by Candi to pay a tribute to Ben for such a great Birthday. Candi is the best sister-in-law and friend anyone could ask for. She paid a little tribute to me yesterday on her blog for my birthday, check it out here. I couldn't believe she did that, she is so awesome! So anyways, here is my tribute to Ben. :) 30 things I love about my husband... 1 his smile 2 the way his butt looks in a good pair of jeans 3 his hugs, he's such a huggie guy 4 that he is always the first to apologise 5 the way he can make me laugh 6 that he is seriously the best dad ever 7 that I can always call him and vent (most of the time he's OK with it!) 8 that he has taken over paying bills and the budget, he's so much better at it than I am! 9 how he supports my business and is so sweet to compliment my work (or he's a great liar one of the two!) 10 that he agrees with and supports my decision to stay home with the kids, even during these rough times 11 that he holds the priesthood, he gives the best father's blessings! 12 that he was so excited when we found out that we were having another baby after he swore that he was done and ready to make it permanent! 13 he's the best uncle to Candi's kids and to all of my nieces and nephews...they all love him, I was quickly replaced as the favorite when I got married 14 he's the best brother to his sisters and has a great relationship with all of them 15 he's definitely a mama's boy, he tries to hide it, but he cares for his mom so much and would do anything for her 16 he makes the best chocolate chip cookies and breakfast potatoes 17 that he calls E his little princess 18 how he lights up when T is so happy to see him 19 that he is and will always be D's best friend 20 he's the friendliest guy around 21 that he goes shopping with me 22 he's 100% supports me when I want to have a girls night and often convinces me that I need one 23 that he loves to play "if we won the lottery, what would we do with the money?" 24 and that his first thing would be helping his family and mine in whatever they needed 25 that not only does he call his step-dad, dad, but that he actually views him and loves him as his own 26 that he deeply loved his own dad, no matter the choices that he made 27 that he wrestles and plays with the kids often 28 we have the same goals with our family in developing family activities that will keep us playing together...snow skiing, water skiing, camping, etc. 29 I love that he was persistent on asking me out and eventually persistent on marrying me 30 and that he still loves me after almost 9 years of marriage, despite my flaws and imperfections, and that on my 30th birthday card he said that he couldn't wait to spend the next 30 years with me. I love you babe! You really are the only guy for me and the best father any child could ask for. I love you tons!!


What a wonderful birthday! You do have a sweet husband and great family! HAppy BirtHdaY

longnecker said...

I'm crying. I love Ben and you so much. I'm glad your B-Day was so great, when you get a chance take a picture of that bedding that I have heard so much about! Oh and Lars and I play the "if we won the lottery game" all the time. It really is fun to daydream.

izzorch said...

I love Ben too. You guys are perfect. Now how did I get stuck with Danny? Kidding, I'm the lucky one.

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