Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Walking With Dinosaurs

Grandma and Papa gave our family tickets to Walking With Dinosaurs and D couldn't have been more excited! He literally started counting down the days until show time! The morning of he woke up in our bed (as he often does!) and asked where daddy was going today. Being a Saturday I said he's not going anywhere. And Davis replies, "You mean he's not going to Walking with Dinosaurs!" He was very worried! He then went and found Ben laying on the couch, lay down next to him and simply whispered in his ear, "Walking with Dinosaurs" Yep he was pretty excited to go! It was pretty fun and by the end E actually said she liked it, even though while we were watching we would ask her and she would shake her head no. But we all thought it was pretty cool, and it was fun to go with Grandma and Papa.


Letia said...

ugh, my boys just saw your pictures and thought it looked awesome. I never know what's going on, bummer.

Shelby said...

ANOTHER BOY!!! That is so great. I love boys. We are convinced that is all we are going to have. I am sure he is going to be so darling. I can't believe Tripp is 1? Where does the time go. By the way, you are so talented with this whole photography stuff. WOW!! Talk to you soon.

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