Monday, February 2, 2009


Calling all interior experts and those who love HGTV (oh how I miss cable!) OK not really, just anybody who would love to leave me their opinion... My problem area... This whole system of disorganization I've got going here is just not cute! I've been really wanting to figure out a way to make my desk look good. Since I only have a couple small drawers, I really need to have the little cubbies be functional, but I want it to look cute too. Anybody have any fabulous ideas for me? I have even done searches on the internet to find ideas, just no such luck. Oh, and I would need it to be LOW budget. We have actually been renting from a company called Designer Home Tending. The house we are renting is for sale and we come and rent it for cheap with the obligation to keep it clean and to have it decorated cute for showings. So, even though they have never said anything about the desk, it just isn't cute. This is the view that you see when you walk into the room...lovely.
P.S. I don't love my plaid chair anymore, but it's what I got! :) And I really need to get an extension cord for the lamp so I don't have to plug it in up there on the wall! But, I would love your opinions and ideas!! And here is my new bedding for those of you (Candi) who wanted to see it... I love it and I think I want to get more pillows, I'm just not sure what. The idea was to have lots of fun colorful pillows amongst the chocolate quilt. I even wanted to throw some blue in there maybe. But my question is, I have some large Euro pillows, do I want to throw them up there in the back and what color? brown? Do I get rid of the two regular chocolate pillow shams if I do that? And how many more colorful throw pillows should I get? Am I going to have pillows coming out my ears? :) It definitely needs more, just how much more and of what??
My goal at Tai Pan this weekend is to look for new lamps and fun things to put on my dressers and bathroom to match! And since we are taking pictures, why not throw some models in there... :)


longnecker said...

So I have been searching different things on line for the chair and so far no luck. I tried to find a cream and black slip cover - but it's an oversized chair right? Anyways, like the rest of the world can hold a candle to your decorating style, but here is a thought for the desk. What if you got those cheap cardboard magazine holders for the three bigger slots and pick out some scrap book paper to modge podge (yes I said Modge Podge) the part that shows. There is some classy paper out there and it might look fun.

Get that extension cord and then put some black and white photos in a row above the desk - tell the decorator to stuff it and make the photos of family!

Wish I were there - Oh and I LOVE the bedding. Coveting those pillows. Hope you had fun in SLC - blog about it!

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