Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lucky Seven Tag

Okay girls that tagged me, here I go, finally.... Seven things I CAN do: 1 Take pictures - there's still so much room for improvement, but I'm still loving it. 2 Spend money - I'm getting better though! 3 Watch Pride and Prejudice over and over 4 Go to the dollar theater to watch Twilight even though I've already seen it 3 times! - anybody want to go with me?? 5 Sing in church - I'd much rather sing than give a talk! 6 Sew a quilt - I'd love to get better at this, it's so much fun picking out material 7 Stay in my jammies all day and cuddle with my kids Seven things I CAN NOT do: 1 Sleep on an airplane - ever since that flight to Nashville and that nasty turbulence, I have total anxiety when I am flying 2 Drive a minivan - I know they are convenient, great for kids, and even comfortable to drive, but I just can't do it! 3 Cook - I can follow a recipe, but that's about it. Heck I still look at the icing recipe, I know I'm ridiculous! 4 Watch scary movies - I used to love them, now I just get too darn scared! 5 Not buy picture frames - you can usually find at least one in my cart when I'm home decor shopping, I love picture frames 6 Scrapbook (lately) - I'm so behind, I don't even know where to start! 7 Water ski - the last time I was up was when I was a Jr. in high school, crashed and with a few stitches to the head later, I haven't tried since. Now I wake board - but despite my amazing brothers, I suck! Seven Things I say the Most 1 Love you 2 I sure love my kids 3 Stop crying 4 Hey bubas 5 I don't care - I'm a very indecisive person 6 Wanna watch a movie 7 NOT cheese - when taking pictures that's the word I hate the most! Seven Goals for the New Year

1 Read to my kids more

2 Keep my home clean

3 Study the scriptures more

4 Not go crazy when I have my 4th child

5 Be a better friend

6 Be better with money

7 Cook more dinners - speaking of, what should I fix tonight, ugh!

Seven reasons I fell in love with Ben

(Love ya babe, but didn't I already do this? But I guess these are the reasons I FELL in love with you!)

1 At first, I guess it was the whole Pretty in Pink mentality, girl from one crowd goes for boy from another, or the whole "bad boy" thing

2 That he changed from that "bad boy" , for other reasons of course, but mostly for me :) 3 Of course the smile, the butt, the good looks, but nothing about him physically, bugged me - some guys I dated just had ears that bugged or teeth that bugged, etc. 4 That he kept pursuing me, even though there may have been another boy in the mix - he just wasn't going to give up that easy :)

5 He's supportiveness - he always came to my institute choir concerts, even though I know he hated them

6 The way he loved me and waited for me to LOVE him back - it took me awhile to say the words!

7 I loved that he ALWAYS held my hand, opened doors, paid, bought me flowers, fell asleep on the couch together, call me when he got home, and that he would take me dancing in the parking lot.

Seven Things I love to eat 1 ice cream 2 chocolate chip cookies 3 Mexican food 4 breakfast - waffles, crepes, blueberry coffee cake 5 Mountain Dew 6 pasta 7 fruit Seven people I tag 1 Marilyn 2 Letia 3 Annie 4 Masha 5 Shelby 6 Rachel - you know you want to start a blog... 7 And anyone else that reads my blog...is there anyone? :)


Marilyn said...

Wow Tammy,
That is alot!! Since I haven't blogged on my own blog since October I guess that would have to be my "7th" blog. Well, check in later and see if I had the time to do my 7 favorite things.

Letia said...

So fun! I would love to do this on my blog...it might take a while to get to right now.

Brianne said...

So, I read your blog and LOVE it by the way...but I cannot stop chuckling about the ear comment! And I am quite sure I know the very boy and even remember his name _ _ _ _ _!

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