Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two little fingers

My finger sucker. I really wish my photo albums weren't stored in a box where I can't find them, because I would scan a picture of me doing the exact same thing. These were the two fingers I sucked when I was little and it is so funny that he does the same thing. He usually only sucks them when he has his blanket, so hopefully that will be an easy fix when we are ready for him to stop - get rid of the blanky. Hopefully we won't have to go through such traumatic measures to get him to stop as I went through... the medicine they painted on, that was the worst! And I specifically remember falling asleep in our living room and my older brother, Tim, taking matters into his own hands and putting Tabasco sauce on my fingers. Well, he succeeded, as well as getting it into my eyes - talk about burning eyes - thanks Tim! :) But we'll worry about getting T to quit another day, because right now it's pretty nice, and I think it's pretty cute too!


So cute. I sucked the same ones. I remember that medicine...that stuff was the pits. I figured out you can take fingernail polish remover and get the medicine off. HA HA HA!

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