Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My latest project. I went to the scrapbook store the other day to pick up some paper to cover some boxes and just walked around and got back in the mood to get going on my scrapbooking. I had decided with D that what I would do with my kids was have a baby book (the first year) then do an ABC book of their toddler years, then do school books. So with E, I was debating over this and decided to just make her ABC book into a book rather than a scrapbook. So I started at age one, since that's where her baby book will end, and go till she's four. I thought this would be fun to get done and have for her on her birthday coming up in April. Needless to say this was MUCH faster than scrapbooking! I'm close to being done but I decided I would wait and end with her birthday pictures. So it will be a belated birthday gift! Here are some sample pages. I really am liking how it is turning out, very clean and simple. Each letter consists of two pages, but I had too many pictures so I ran out of letters, so I am continuing on with numbers just to number four. I thought it worked since she'll be 4! So all total it will be 62 pages long, I'm so excited to see it in book form!


Everything you do is gold! I'm so impressed with your talents - I wish I could hire you to do all of my projects! Julie

izzorch said...

That is the most amazing ABC book I have ever seen!

AMAZING!!! Are you doing this through some company? I would LOVE to do this. Let me know how...since I can't do anything without copying someone :0)

Tammy said...

I'm actually just doing it in Photoshop and then I'll get it printed with my printing company, WHCC. But there are companies that you can do them at such as Shutterfly.

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