Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mardi Gras

So Boise's Mardi Gras celebration was apparently held at E's preschool! She came running out of her class with all of her party gear on, and I thought she looked so cute! Except I could not figure out why she was all dressed up. Yep, silly me had no idea it was Mardi Gras last week. I kept asking her what it was for and she didn't really remember. The letter they worked on was S so grandma just decided it was for Silly! Until we went to the library and the lady said something about her being all dressed up for Mardi Gras. Duh, that's what it was, I asked her and she said yep! But I had to take some pictures of her cause she just looked too darn cute!


Brianne said...

She is SO adorable!!

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