Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools!!

We had quite an eventful April Fools day yesterday. First, I got out of bed and my water broke.. April Fools babe! Ben was in the shower and I jumped out of bed, poured water on myself (yah, the joke may have been on me a little bit - I could have at least used warm water!) Then I ran into the bathroom and put on my best acting skills, there's a reason I'm not in Hollywood, but he bought it! When we decided that we needed to hurry to the hospital and he started dialing his mom's number, it was then that I grabbed the phone and said...April Fools! hehe, yes, I know I'm very funny! Then while we were eating breakfast D discovered a dinosaur in is cereal! (I couldn't find a plastic spider so I went for the mini dino!) After we sent D to school, E and I had some fun at the dollar store. We filled our cart with joke and gag accessories! Then rushed home to greet D at the door by throwing balloons and getting him with silly string! After lunch we headed out. First stop Daddy's office. We put together a basket full of silly gag toys, candy, and an April Fools sign and had the receptionist tell him he had a flower delivery - I knew he'd love that! :) Well apparently the receptionist forgot about mentioning the flowers, but he was still embarrassed to pick it up! After Daddy's work we headed to Grandma and Papa's house. The kids had a blast covering their family room and kitchen with red streamers, confetti, and balloons! Then we hid snakes in their bed and bugs in secret places all over the house. While Grandma and Papa were both surprised to see their house all decorated, the kids were over at their house later that night (I'll get to why in a sec.) but they took them all over the house showing them where all the creatures were hidden! Guess it was too had to keep a secret and too fun to show them all the hiding spots! :) Well, then we came home for a relaxing afternoon, with only one more trick up our sleeves - getting Daddy with silly string when he walked in the door, but that one never happened. We were having quiet time, the kids watching a cartoon and me computer time and enjoying my peanut butter M&M's I bought earlier when T came in and got all excited when he saw them, so Mommy gave into his happiness and gave him one. Well...about 10 min. later he was throwing up. He often throws up so I wasn't too worried and he fell asleep so I put him to bed. About an hour later I heard him crying and he had thrown up in his bed. He proceeded to throw a couple more times. Then while cuddling with him on the couch I started to notice white bumps on his cheeks, then when he developed white bumps on his eyelids, I knew something was not right. It was just barely after 5:00 so I called the after hours nurse and told her his symptoms, which by now his whole face was red and his eyes were puffy, she told me to take him to the ER. Fortunately that was the worst that it got, and by the time we actually saw the Dr. (which takes like an hour from check in) he was looking much better. They still gave him Benadril and a Steroid just in case it came back. But he was fine the rest of the night. But, yes, we might have a little peanut allergy on our hands! I took him to his Dr. today and we are going to see an Allergist in a couple of weeks. And so the quest begins to find out what this little boy is allergic to. So our day that started so fun, didn't end quite as fun! But we are very happy that he is okay and that nothing more serious came about it. Just no more peanut butter M&M's in the house!


OH MY WORD GIRL!!!! You are the kind of mom I want to be. I forgot it was even April Fool's day. Those are the things kids will remember! Poor little T with allergies...we have one with milk allergies. Not fun!

longnecker said...

I really want to be you - next year I am totally celebrating April Fools - what kid wouldn't love that! Poor T man. Even as I write this I have been looking up if it is ok for me to eat peanut butter while I am nursing - too late seeing as how I have had 2 PBandJ's in the last day and now I am freaking out! I have to wash my hands and brush my teeth after I eat anything with peanuts for Toby, but who knows what I am passing on to JK....

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