Monday, April 13, 2009


I've never tried curlers in E's hair before, so while at the store a couple days ago I picked some up for fun. That night we had fun putting them in her hair! It just brought back so many memories of me wearing these to bed. She was so excited. After looking in the mirror, she even asked if she could wear her hair like this for her Birthday party (yes, with the curlers in)! HA! It was pretty funny. But the best part was that a little while later I caught her in the bathroom, she had climbed up on the counter and was just staring and smiling at herself in the mirror, just admiring the curlers. It was too cute!
I had to sneak up on her and get a picture!
And the result... pure cuteness! Okay, I was not expecting Shirley Temple curls, I guess I did buy the smallest curlers, opps! Oh well, she still looked pretty cute! :) Sporting her glitter lip gloss and all, she was lovin her new look!