Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Dress Up Party

So I'm a little behind on this one, and I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted, but I guess when you are trying to run the party I tend to forget. But the party was a blast! We started out by doing hair and makeup, and they each got to pick a flower clip to put in their hair. Course as each little girl was done they ran up to E's room to play, which I'm sure they would have been happy there for 2 hours, but the party must go on! They came down and each picked out a feather boa to dress up in and then we played a game, pass the purse. Kind of like musical chairs, they sat in a circle and passed a purse and when the music stopped the person left holding in got to open it up and pick out a prize, candy jewelry. After the game we had a dance party. I downloaded songs from itunes and we did the Hokey Poky, the Chicken Dance, and Ring Around the Rosie, then we just played princess songs and they went crazy, dancing. It was so much fun! Course then it was time for cake and ice cream, the cake was a big hit with everyone. The girls loved it! E was very excited and of course she requested the pink and purple dress! They were lucky it got done, since I was still trying to ice it when they were arriving! Then after cake was the presents. It's so funny how they all get so excited about this part. The girls were practically opening the presents for her! But it's so fun to see them get so excited about what they each brought! So the party was a success, they all had a blast, and mommy was exhausted by the time it was over with, but it was all worth it for my sweet little 4 year old! I love her to pieces!!


Brianne said...

I need to start making a notebook of all the cute girlie party ideas you have. I am so not in that way of thinking. Hopefully it happens soon, because Aubri is getting older! That party sounds like a blast and how in the world did you make that cake....very cool! Amazing job! And you are so close to the end of your pregnancy, I am excited to see your new little one!

Shelby said...

You are so creative... I love the girl party. What fun ideas. I can't believe she is 4??? Where does the time go. Hope you guys are doing great. Talk to you soon.

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