Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Easter morning. The kids, especially E was so excited for this day to come, she could hardly stand it. They woke up to find eggs hiding all over the house and went running around after them. T was not to into the whole egg hunt, he was actually the first to find his Easter basket under the table and was content just sitting with it. E was the next to find hers under the desk, and last was D's a little bit harder, hiding in the storage closet. But all in all they had so much fun!
After church we stopped by to see Grandma and Papa to show them the kids Easter outfits and snapped a photo on their front porch. One of the many benefits they get with us living just around the corner. It's been nice living so close to them, hopefully we can stay in the area for a while. Later, after we went home and put T down for a nap we came back over and enjoyed Easter dinner with them.


longnecker said...

I want to have Easter dinner with everyone.... My friend's little girl had that same dress on and I fell in LOVE with it - save it for me! They all look so big even little T man!

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