Monday, April 13, 2009

Look what's coming up!

She has been so excited for this day to come. She can't stop talking about it and what she wants us to buy her and how many more days now... At least we had Easter (which I'll get to those pics soon) to distract her mind for a couple of days. She wanted to have her party at Monkey Do's (a little girls salon, that does hair, makeup, and dress ups) But being a little too spendy, we are doing it at home! Wish me luck, doing hair and makeup on 8 little girls! Yikes! At least we have both Grandma's and Aunt Kelsey to help!
We did a little photo shoot for the invitations and on the way there she fell asleep! So quite literally these were the only two pictures that turned out. I'll have to take some more soon, hopefully the weather will start to turn nice. Any excuse to put her new pettiskirt on she'll take it! She loves it and just twirls and twirls in it, so I'm sure you'll see a lot more of it! :)


K Glover said...

I'm so excited! Your kids always have the best birthday parties! Your an amazaing mom! :) Oh and if you need more help Lucy would be MORE than happy to come! Can't wait!

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