Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Break

We had our week all planned out with picnics to the park, feeding the ducks, Monsters vs. Aliens, Wahooz, bike rides... and it rained all week! Bummer. Well, we still got to go to Wahooz (formerly known as Boondocks). The kids had a blast! Of course we just stayed inside at the arcade, but they had fun collecting tickets and getting their prizes. The weekend came and instead of going to the movie, we decided to tag along with Tim and Lisa to their cabin at Tamarak. Yes, for Spring Break we went to an even colder place! We went up Friday night, then they left Saturday morning, so all day Saturday and Sunday we had the cabin to ourselves. We had fun hanging out with them and the kids were really sad when they woke up and their cousins were gone, but it was nice to just hang out and relax. The highlight of the weekend was the sledding. It was so nice because they just sled right outside the cabin. T wasn't to happy about all of his snow clothes and both days we went sledding it was about his nap time so we just put him to bed and went outside to sled. We had a blast with the kids! Of course being 7 months pregnant I only did a little sledding, I can't wait for next winter when I won't be prego and I can actually have fun in the snow! I've been pregnant the last two winters so I'm sure you can understand my excitement for next year! :) We had so many fun sledding pictures I just put them on a slideshow! Enjoy!


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