Wednesday, June 3, 2009

He's Here!!

Our newest little addition...Maddox Owen. Born May 28, 2009. We couldn't be happier! The day finally arrived. We went into the hospital at 5:30am to start induction. Of course I couldn't get Ben out of bed so we arrived more like 6am, but they finally got me started me around 7:30, my doctor broke my water at 8:30 and about 2 1/2 hours and 1 push later, he was here at 11:19am. Born happy and healthy. The kids were so excited to come and meet him. They showed up later that day in t-shirts that Grandma bought. D's said "the oldest brother, E's said "the big sister" and T's said "the little-big brother". It was pretty cute! But they all came in so excited and it was so fun to see T's reaction. He couldn't get enough of him. He kept pointing at the baby and wanting to see him and give him kisses. It was so much fun. But having them there in the room for awhile convinced me to stay the extra night! I wasn't quite ready for reality to set in! :) So we stayed 2 nights, relaxed, rented a movie, and by Saturday morning I was ready to go home and be done with all the poking and prodding that the nurses are so good at! So far things have been great and we are loving our new little guy! Although Ben goes back to work tomorrow, so things might change just a bit! But we are so blessed to have this little guy here with us.


Holly said...

Tammy, Congrats!!! He is such a handsome little guy... but what else would you expect, right? He looks like he's already got some chubs. I LOVE chubby, squishy babies. Yum!

Brianne said...

I think I have checked your blog waiting for this post! He is so SO cute. How nice of Grandma to get those shirts! HOORAY for the fast labor! he does have some chub-how much did he weigh? I, too, LOVE chubby babies! I am SO SO happy for you and your adorable family!
oh and does T have reddish hair? so cute!

longnecker said...

Welcome Maddox! I can't wait to see him. Don't worry little guy - your favorite aunt is on her way.

HE is so Cute. Congrats!!

Shelby said...

Tam, and Crew!!! I am so excited for you guys. He is adorable and you all look amazing. We love you and can't wait to hold that baby. Congrats. Love you.

izzorch said...

You have the most beautiful family. Maddox is the perfect addition. We can't wait to meet him. Let me know if I can take all the other kids for a day. Jay would love it and you may need a little break.

AW said...

Im happy to have come across your blog! Your little guy is adorable... what a cute family and great're daughters are so cute. If we ever get to Boise again (we had twins June 3rd and the thought of flying with 4 sounds horrible) I'd love for you to take some pictures. Glad to see you're all doing well!
Cheers- Amanda

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