Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mom and Dad's 50th

Also that week was my Mom and Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary. My siblings and I put together a party for them to celebrate! It was a blast. Luckily I did all of my assignments before baby was born! But it was still a little crazy! We had a great time though. As a tribute to them we all stood up and said a FEW words of kindness (there are 8 of us, so we didn't want it to last all night long!) But being that I just had a baby a week ago, I bawled through the whole embarrassing! But the whole night was very nice. Here are just a few pictures from the night. I didn't get too many.
My Mom's wedding dress. Isn't it beautiful?! What was I thinking, I should have worn it on my wedding day!
E and her two buddies. Aren't they adorable?
Mom Dad and eight kids.
I love you Mom and Dad, you truly are amazing parents and have been such great examples to me! Happy 50th!! Now comes cruise time! Yes, my Mom's wish for their 50th anniversary was for all of us to go on a cruise together and her wish is coming true, we get to go in November! I can't wait!!


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