Sunday, November 1, 2009

Four kids......

...equals no time to blog!! It was my goal today to do a little catch up and hopefully I can keep this up from time to time! For a while there my life consisted of going from one baby to the next. From keeping them both happy to duel diaper changes! But I'm starting to feel like I can handle things a little bit better. Don't get me wrong, we are still very busy...I'm just getting used to it! :) So a quick game of catch up, just a few highlights over the last few months..... (to keep the order of the blog I start with the most recent)
Photo shoot of the boys. I had been wanting to take recent pics of D and T since it had been awhile. Ben thought I was leaving M out, but I'm putting these in their bedroom and since they share I thought is was okay! Besides they are total buds right now. And as you can see in the pictures T does everything D does! I love these guys!! :)
First day of school. My big first grader! I can't say that he was totally excited to go to school and to be gone all day, but there had to be a little excitement there! He loves it now though! We miss him during all those hours he is gone!
Big preschool girl. She was so excited to start school again! And she loves being the oldest of the preschool now. Little miss queen of the school! And her new haircut! She loved it, she had been dying to cut it all summer but I wouldn't let her cut it till after Nat's wedding!
Natalie and Ben's wedding. Such a fun day! Natalie was such a beautiful bride and the whole day turned out great! So many fun memories...we had a blast helping her bring her ideas to life! E was loving being little miss flower girl!
Cousins, cousins, cousins! This summer he had the treat of having the Longneckers for a whole month! These guys were inseparable! The month was full of trips to McDonald's, Rafiki's, Powell's, TCBY, and even the Mall with seven, yes I said seven, kids! We had a blast! We ended the month with taking swim lessons together, the kids loved it!
D's Birthday. Seven years old! I still can't believe it! We had a swim party starting with the fishing game which they fished for pool toys. Then we headed to the pool for swimming fun, sandwiches, cake, and presents. D loved every minute of it. I love you buddy, hope you had the best birthday!
A Name and a Blessing. M's big day. Such a great day for such a sweet boy! Such a classic picture after church...T sleeping, M a hungry boy, and D's shirt no longer tucked in! But aren't we a cute family! Afterwards we came back to our place and feed our awesome family and friends lunch!
And my handsome little guy...happy now!
Snaps of my sweet boy. Two months old. He is such a good baby, I am so blessed!
Daddy leaving to Singapore. Yes, that's right... he was gone for 3 weeks. Leaving me with these four little rugrats! I'm happy he got to experience that but we sure missed him. He had to snap a few pictures before he left. Love you babe, what would we do without you!!


Letia said...

Wow, when you update, you update!! I don't even try to catch-up, just try to move forward. Great pictures!!!

bnsampson said...

I was waiting for an update from the best blogger. The pictures are awesome! Can't wait to see more of them especially wedding ones! And I bet Maddox is getting so so big....Can't wait to see you guys

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