Monday, January 25, 2010

Bubbas Birthday

My crazy, cute, melt-your-heart, firey, red-headed little bubbas is two!! This little guy is 100% daddy's boy, absolutely loves his little brother, is best friends with his older brother, and sure knows how to tease his sister! He has the biggest smile, the biggest heart, and the biggest tantrums of any two year old I know! I love his personality, I love that he sucks his fingers like I did, I love that he is blanky boy, and I definitely love that he is always full of hugs and kisses! I simply adore him.

His birthday was last week and we celebrated fire engine style. He loves cars and trucks so we decided on fire engines! We had Grammy, Grandpa, Grandma, Papa, and Kelsey over to celebrate. All he wanted to do was get to his presents, and nothing else mattered after he opened them! It took him awhile to decide he wanted to have some cake and blow out his candles. But once he did he was loving the attention all on him. He loved his birthday cake that mommy made (with the kids help), but I think he only ate a couple bites...oh well, it was sure fun to make! Happy Birthday sweet boy, I sure love you!!


K Glover said...

I love how i'm the awkward one. haha the grandparents all came and kelsey! haha no I love being able to be here for these times. I'm the lucky one. The cake was amazing and he was amazed through the whole thing! I love all these kids!

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