Friday, January 29, 2010

Definitely the photo of the day

So I was actually taking a picture of my flowers Ben bought for me yesterday for my photo of the day, but I decided this picture better summed up today. T usually wants me to take a picture of him when I'm taking a picture of someone or something else, so when I was taking pictures of the flowers, he kept saying "me, me". So I snapped one of him Oreo face and all. This little man gave me quite the day today...from screaming for daddy at 6am in the family room (and yes Ben was already gone), to his allergic reaction from a cupcake (oops, that was my fault), to his uncontrollable crying for his blanket after he had thrown up all over it, to acting like an angel when grandma brought medicine and apple juice in for the rescue, to smiling so sweetly and innocently for the camera, and back to more tantrums for reasons that I have no idea why. I love this little guy to pieces, but I can already tell I'm in for a long hall with the terrible twos! Thankfully I got a much needed break tonight and joined Kelsey and Grandma to the movies...When In cute, go see it! And now when I see this picture of him, it just makes me smile and want to go cuddle up with him in his bed. Love you crazy boy!


teared up a bit reading this. I miss going to the movies with you and working out and just laying on your floor and laughing. :(

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