Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trying something new... stop me from babbling on and bore you with all of my woe's, I'm simply going to say I'm putting myself through a course, that I made up, to help me change so many things I want to change about myself. I'm making this a 3 month course and focusing on one thing each week. Week One - A Clean Home. I'm usually not one to show off my weakness, but this, my friends is my weakness..... LAUNDRY..... (You like how the baskets are mostly empty. Most likely because someone was searching for something!) So my goal this week is to obviously catch up on laundry and to continue to make myself start a load of laundry everyday...wash it, fold it, AND put it away, all in one day! I've changed my scour day to Wednesday...because either we're just too busy or too lazy on Saturday! The kids really are pretty good at helping me scour... Also each day this week I'm organizing one room...closets, drawers, everything. During all of our crazy moving days we got a storage unit. I hate it. I want all of my stuff with me, so I can access it AND find it when ever I want to! So we set a goal to have a garage sell and get rid of it. Which means everything needs to be organized and cleared out to bring in more stuff! So today....organize bathrooms...CHECK!!


Ty & Masha said...

Laundry is the worst thing in the world, it never goes away. Mine looks pretty much the same as on your picture.

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