Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back to School

Okay, so I'm blogging at a slow pace, but I'm blogging!! I'm loving being back to school. Since E is in Kindergarten and I drive them to and from school, I was worried about feeling like I was in the car all day, but I'm loving this new schedule. I've never been a big schedule-following person, but the school year is kind of forcing me to be and I love it! I take D to school, come home and dedicate that time to clean my house, do laundry, and work on stuff with E. Then I take her to school and by the time I get home both babies are sleeping, I put them to bed and dedicate that time working on the computer/pictures. It's great and SO quiet! Then I pick them up, do homework with D and fix dinner. I feel like normally I'm just all over the place during the day but now that I have specific times dedicated to certain things, I feel so organized and my house hasn't been this clean in a long, long time!! And Ben has even been out of town for the last week and a half!

Here they are on the first day of school...

He's a 2nd grader! I can't believe it! I love this guy more than words could ever say. He's such a good kid, I'm so blessed that he's my son!

And my Kindergartner. My sweet baby girl is growing up too fast!! She so cute I can hardly stand it. She was SO ready to start school and SO excited! Me and her took a day before school started and went school shopping, had lunch, and got pedicures. It was so fun. She such a sweet little girl and I just love her to pieces!

And this little guy had to get in on the fun. He loves his backpack! The day we bought it he was flying all over the house all day acting like Buzz, it was dang cute! He just melts my heart.

Saying goodbye. She didn't even want me to walk her up, let alone walk in the class room with her. But I said too bad, I'm coming! :) She went in and put all of her school supplies away and found a spot to color her picture. When all the kids were there and ready her teacher sat them all down in a circle and read them a book about starting Kindergarten and saying goodbye to their parents. Then they all stood up and waved goodbye to all of us parents standing in the back. It was so cute. And I did so good not to cry till the drive home. She's growing up too fast! But she'll always be my girl! Love you sweet pea!


longnecker said...

So sad and fun and sweet all at the same time. It makes me kind of sad to think of them all growing up and then sad that I can't be there to celebrate all the fun adventures of stating a new school year. Although if I were there your mornings would not be nearly as productive!

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